Top Three Still Life Photography Tips

Top Three Still Life Photography Tips!

When you capture an object, it doesn’t portray as an object in your picture but a thing that has life in it and a thing that people normally wouldn’t pay much attention to. Still life photography is more than capturing the things laying around a photographer’s desk. It is a way of showcasing things or objects as a prime focus that adds value to an individual photographer’s portfolio.

Becoming a photographer is not easy and for becoming a still life photographer, you really need some high level of skills and experience. Just like how you need fashion photography tips for beginners when you are starting out in the same way still life photography also needs some basic and helpful tips to make you a pro. If you want to learn those skills and want to develop yourself in photography, then note down these top three still life photography tips in your WordPad and practice it whenever you get the time. So, if you and your WordPad are ready, then let’s get started.

Top Three Still Life Photography Tips

Choose Subjects That Attracts You:

The subject should always interest you as if it is a part of your life. Some photographers like to take a flat lay of perfumes or book which always serves the purpose of the photo. Now, this item shouldn’t be the only item that you take a picture of. With perfumes and books, you can also include some of the other items that come together to make a good picture, in other words, complete an image. For instance, if you are taking a photo of the main item being a coffee then you can add some small flowers in the coffee mug or you can put some delicate jewellery, a magazine and a pair of shades to complete the picture. By doing this, you complete a picture by making the coffee mug centre of attraction while also giving some texture to the image.

Backdrop Is Key:

The backdrop is key to still life photography. It is something that adds texture to your object. It is something that makes or breaks your whole photograph. You really need to plan out your base first then work out with your main object. A simple white, black or neutral coloured background is something that gets its use a lot in these types of photographies. But, if you want, then you can really spice up the look with your backdrop. You can go all out with bright colours or can stick to a neutral base. Just make sure you use colours that compliment your main object.

Work Your Angles:

Try different angles and see which one suits your portfolio or Instagram theme. Take a lot of pictures from different angles. Sometimes a picture looks completely amazing from a side angle and sometimes it looks amazing from a diagonal angle. There is no one specific angle for any photography. In order to get that kind of picture, you need to indulge yourself in taking pictures from several angles. Just make sure you have proper lighting while you take these still life photographies.

Therefore, now that you know the top three still life photography tips then go ahead and practice your way to become a pro at this. With these tips, if you would like to know who all are the top 5 best photographers around the world then check out the next article.

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