Top 5 Wildlife Photographers in the world!

Wildlife Photography is such an inspiring field of welcoming millions of species of flora and fauna into a place called “The Photograph”. A wildlife photograph indeed tells us that there is nature beyond our city rush and comfy zone.

This world has such amount of beauty in its nature that we as a normal human being would not be able to capture it or see it if it’s not for these wonderful wildlife photographers.

So, for all you people out there, here is a list of the best wildlife photographers in the world. Pretty sure there are many more, but in this list we have concluded the top 5 best wildlife photographers in the world. 

1) Michael Aw:

Michael Aw is a marine photographer who is well known for his saturated colour imagery. He has won numerous awards that includes more than 65 international photographic awards to being rewarded as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

His pictures and essays have been published in National  Geographic, Ocean Geographic, Asian Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Nature Focus, Times, The Smithsonian and many more. He is also the very first Asian that won the prestigious Gold Diver award at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures  for highly contested Portfolio category in France.

2) Karen Lunney:

Karen Lunney is a great contemporary photographic artist. Her works consist of work that investigates the states of the initial stage, transition and a place of possibility. Her works have even been published in National Geographic book “Getting Your Shot”.

Karen Lunney won numerous awards like Winner of the 2015 Moscow International Photography Awards (MIFA) Wildlife Category. Finalist in the Lensculture Exposure Awards 2015, A Gold and two Silver Awards in the 2015 QPPA and many more. She is truly an inspiration for the new coming wildlife photographers.

3) Annette Bonnier:

Annette Bonnier is one of the best wildlife photographers in the world. He gets his inspiration from different cultures and tribes. His recent book titled India’s Elephants has introduced a beautiful culture and the native tribes in India. He always says that the pictures mesmerizes him, people fascinates him and the injustice that happens inflames him with anger.

4) Jon Cornforth:

Jon Cornforth’s pictures have been internationally recognized for their masterful composition and  phenomenal detailings. He is a talented wildlife photographer that travels all year and challenges himself in order to document the uncommon creatures living on this earth.

He is not only, one of the best wildlife photographers that captures  the beauty of the natural world, but he is also a firm believer of supporting environmental groups and raising the  awareness through his pictures.

5) Matty Smith:

Matty Smith is one of the best ocean wildlife photographers who is worldwide recognized for his unique style of taking photographs. His portfolio A Parallel Universe: Windows Beneath the Waves” consists of striking and impressive pictures of half over and half under the water stills. His this collection of photographs has made him won several highly dignified international awards.

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