Tips On Becoming A Destination Wedding Photographer

Tips On Becoming A Destination Wedding Photographer!

Starting up your career as a destination wedding photographer seems quite daunting and time consuming at first. Especially when you are just starting out and someone asks you to show your portfolio, it becomes a little nerve-racking and a question of a career in photography that you don’t want to face. Now how can you possibly show a destination wedding photography on the site or in your portfolio when you haven’t really shot much on destination weddings. Or how would you actually get a big gig when you’re just starting out your career.

Now in order for you to get your first gig and to answer such questions, here are three tips that will help you in becoming a destination wedding photographer.

Create a landing Page:

Everybody needs a good landing page in order to get the gig. Whether you want to be a top wildlife photographer, a travel portrait photographer or a destination wedding photographer, a landing page is where you can give your best images and attract client’s attention who are looking for photographers.  Now, while choosing the headline, keep in mind to choose the specific area or place that you are targeting on. For e.g. if you are going for New York then you can keep something like “New York Wedding Photography”.   

So, after you’re done with that then simply insert your best portfolios, which doesn’t show the location in general. Go for something that is your best and is non-location specific. After placing your images, write the content relating to it, but don’t say the specific location. Just quote it or try to say something that you related, while clicking the picture at the time. When you’re done with that, then add your contact form with Name, phone number, wedding location and email address. You can also add your own elements and key features like awards and recommendations, but make sure to not fill it up with too much stuff. After you’re done with that then hit publish and your landing page is ready.    

Facebook & Instagram Advertisements:

Yes, placing ads can really boost up your landing page and can attract your clients on visiting your page even more. This is known as marketing and it is the marketing that plays a key role in your career for making you become a great destination wedding photographer. In the 21st century where people generally, visits instagram and facebook at a random time, an ad that can showcase your page will really help you in getting clients that are looking for a wedding photographer in their area.

The Booking:

Once you get a client then keep in mind to charge them an amount that does not include your travel expenses. Remember, it is your first gig and you don’t want to overcharge them with the travel expenses. Right now your key focus should be on prepping yourself for clicking good pictures and building up your portfolio. After you have built up your photography brand then you can include the travel expenses as well as your service. But for right now, be patient and humble.

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