The Top 5 Best Photographers Around The World

The Top 5 Best Photographers Around The World!

When a person is starting out photography, his minds go to all the creative places and all the exotic locations where he/she can click the pictures. Whether it is on top of the mountains or in the middle of the woods, a beginner just thinks of all the cool locations in order to be unique. At this point of time he/she forgets one thing and that is finding creativity even in normal things.

So, in order to help all the young aspiring photographers get the best of their works, here is a list of the top 5 best photographers around the world to take inspiration from.

The Top 5 Best Photographers Around The World

1. Ansel Adams:

Born in the year 1902, Ansel Adams is one of the best landscape photographers. He is known for his black and white images of the West and it was his passion for photography that made him an excellent photographer in his field.

Later on he opened up an association of photographers that supported pure photography. The association is known as Group f/64, which he founded along with fellow photographers Edward Weston and Willard Van Dyke.  

2. Robert Capa:

Born in the year 1913, Robert Capa was a Hungarian photojournalist and a war photographer. In history, he is known to be the greatest combat and an adventure photographer. His most remarkable works considered to be the Spanish civil war.

3. Sebastião Salgado:

Born in the year 1944, Sebastião Salgado is a photojournalist and a social documentary photographer. He has fled in over 120 countries for his projects based on photography.  Most of his works have appeared in innumerable books and press publications. His most notable work includes his social documentary photography of workers living in less developed countries.

4. Brassaï:

Born in the year 1899, Brassaï was a Hungarian/French sculptor, writer, medalist, filmmaker and a photographer who got his international fame in the 20th century in France. Brassaï was one of the many Hungarian artists who waved an attraction in Paris between the World Wars. While taking pictures he used to believe streets to be his canvas where he wandered  late at night.

5. Martin Bailey:

Martin Bailey is one of the top wildlife photographers in the world. He is passionate about his work and is known for helping all the aspiring photographers to gain knowledge in capturing the nature of this beautiful world. His work has been published in well known photography magazines like Korean Air, Pomegranate, X-Rite, Real Music and Light of Consciousness Magazine to name a few.

So, whether you want to be a destination wedding photographer or a wildlife photographer, one thing that will make you stand out in the crowd is your passion and creativity. Plus, with  these top 5 best photographers around the world article, you would get an idea on how to be different in a world filled with awesome photographers. Also the next time you start your photography sessions, keep in mind to look up for these passionate photographers.  

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