Fashion Photography Tips For Beginners

Fashion Photography Tips For Beginners!

Fashion photography is a fast-paced genre that doesn’t wait for mistakes to get fixed but rather waits for a photographer to show the best result in the game. It is a genre that doesn’t stick to one aesthetic but rather evolves and changes with time. This field requires a hard study and an innovative way of creating a difference. While so many photographers find their own special quality to enhance the picture, you can do it as well with some basic photography tips.

Fashion photography mainly focuses on portraiture, extensive lighting, poses, exotic and beautiful location. Generally, when you’re first starting out, it becomes a little tricky as to how to make your picture stand out and be magazine-worthy. So, to know a few of the tips on how to nail your next big project, here is a list of fashion photography tips for Beginners.  

1. Highlight the Fashion:

One thing that every aspiring fashion photographer needs to know in fashion photography is making yourself aware of what you are really presenting in your photograph. The main highlight of your picture should be the dress and the detailing of the dress. Remember your job here is to present it in a way that showcases the selling point of view. So, when you click a picture with the model, make sure you emphasise the clothes in your images. Avoid any heavy props that distract your viewer’s eyes or that causes a blockage to your model’s outfit.  

2. Let the Outfit Do The Talking:

Some outfits are body-hugging while some are just flowy in nature. If your model’s outfit is flowy then let the outfit do the talking and by that I mean let the outfit flow naturally. When a dress or a skirt is floating in the air, it often forms a shape of a triangle which creates a balanced composition and thus looks very flattering and beautiful. Now for a movement, you can ask your model to spin or move around, or you can use a fan for creating the breezy vibe in your picture. However, if your model is not wearing a flowy dress then you can ask your model to pose in a way that accentuates the curves. Usually, the s-shape creates the appearance of a flowy and soft fabric.   

3. Always Instruct Your Model:

Posing is a tricky job and requires alertness and correctness. By that, I don’t mean you have to instruct all the poses to your model but you can instruct her when needed. Suppose a picture needs your model to not smile but give a smirk look, at that time you can tell your model to give a smirk look. Or if your model’s chin is slightly down and you need a little high up then you tell her about that. These little instructions thereby help the model and the photographer to give a perfect picture needed for the photograph. Also, your entire focus should not be based on the dress but on the model too.

Key to nailing fashion photography is by the setup or the location in which you are going to take photographs. An edgy makeup and outfit will not suit a flowery soft background and a chic style of fashion will not suit a graffiti wall. So, location also plays a vital role in making your picture turn out good.

So, while clicking your next big project keep in mind to nail that photo session with these fashion photography tips for beginners. Also with fashion photography don’t forget to check out the basic photography tips or landscape photography tips for more cool ideas on such related topics.

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