Top Three Still Life Photography Tips
When you capture an object, it doesn’t portray as an object in your picture but a thing that has life in it and a thing that people normally wouldn’t pay much attention to. Still life photography is more than capturing
Fashion Photography Tips For Beginners
Fashion photography is a fast-paced genre that doesn’t wait for mistakes to get fixed but rather waits for a photographer to show the best result in the game. It is a genre that doesn’t stick to one aesthetic but rather
Basic Photography Tips For Beginner Photographers
As easier as we think photography is, in reality, it is much more difficult and needs creative thinking to present it as a whole. Now learning the skills for photography is not an easy task that you can finish it
The Top 5 Best Photographers Around The World
When a person is starting out photography, his minds go to all the creative places and all the exotic locations where he/she can click the pictures. Whether it is on top of the mountains or in the middle of the
Best 4 Useful Landscape Photography Tips
Landscape photography is a type of photography that captures the enticing and beautiful scenery of a place. This place doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic or an icy land. Your everyday neighbourhood or a local place you hangout can
Tips On Becoming A Destination Wedding Photographer
Starting up your career as a destination wedding photographer seems quite daunting and time consuming at first. Especially when you are just starting out and someone asks you to show your portfolio, it becomes a little nerve-racking and a question
A good travel photographer is known for capturing the stillness of the nature. They see a vision that no one notices or feels in the way that they feel. A good photographer’s portrait  always captures an intensity, emotion, history and
Weddings are a big and perfect day-to-remember kind of event for any couple. It is that day where a couple doesn’t want anything to ruin their big day, most probably the pictures and the videos of their wedding day. In
Wildlife Photography is such an inspiring field of welcoming millions of species of flora and fauna into a place called “The Photograph”. A wildlife photograph indeed tells us that there is nature beyond our city rush and comfy zone. This